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Net Snare Services Now Available!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Like many people, I assume, the global pandemic messed up a lot of things for the general population. My heart goes out to those that have been deeply affected by it and I offer my condolences to those who can use it. With services and venues being canceled or even closing for good, I found through friends that there was a need to be filled but sometimes time consuming and not easily approachable by a lot of small, modest businesses. I decided to change that up for those who need it in Las Vegas.

Who are we?

My friends know me (Joel) as somewhat of a nerdy guy who picks up a subject and tries to learn everything about it within a short amount of time. I was in the market to get my own website started but found it completely daunting to build, let alone maintain without putting some long hours and effort into it. I didn't want to have someone build and manage it for me either as I like to have full understanding and control of my own site. Several website claimed "easy-to-use" web builders or products like Wordpress to start with, but it never felt seamless or well explained. In the end, I settled with using Wix as this was, for me, the best way to learn and stick to a high quality standard while implementing new features along the way.

What most of my days and nights look like.

Ultimately, I ended up with a really good website that converted several first time visitors to life long customers while implementing e-commerce capabilities and maintain high levels of security and maintaining sensitive information for our clients. After several years of refining and rebuilding more efficiently, I gained a lot of experience, knowledge as well as confidence. I was quickly being asked by my friends for advice on how to get started on their own website, especially during the pandemic when people's livelihood and customers were threaten to lose the services and products they all depended on.

What to do?

My professional career is in Cyber Security for a private company during the day. I do IT work for small business already for side work. I'm a Dad of four kids and my wife is my partner in anything I involve myself with. But my parents always taught me that any opportunity to help people is a blessing to all involved and to use my skills and gifts wherever possible. So, with that, I took the challenge of building websites for them and gained more experience and knowledge along the way. Learning how to communicate the technical jargon in plain English to my clients. And after several successful business site launches, all with different needs and features, I decided to make it official and offer my affordable services to the local Las Vegas community by launching Net Snare.

Where to go from here?

From here, it's up to you to either hire us or become friends. I have taken on several projects and have room to take on more. Our expansion plans are to offer more features soon to be standard and gain new clients along the way. I will keep it affordable because I have a full time job and other responsibilities to schedule. But for anyone looking to have a quality, fast, secure and easy to use and understand website, Net Snare is here to help you get your services and products out to the masses in any scenario.

If you or someone you know is looking to get a website of their own going, consider sharing and contacting us so we can help you get started and bring your small business, non-profit, or landing page started for you.

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